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To plan in-person events in the current climate it’s vital that venues offer the latest technology available for guest safety and compliance with current Covid regulations and restrictions.

What we offer

DS-Hospitality offers physical distance and monitoring hubs with wearable devices for both purchase and rental. The DS-Hospitality tech has been designed to comply with new and upcoming legislation surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic.

Managing face to face in these uncertain times is a huge challenge but with the support of DS-Hospitality tech, events are not only compliant but have all the tools, automation, and data needed to monitor, track and trace guests within the event space and best of all, it’s completely, 100% GDPR compliant!

Early Warning System
All DS-Hospitality products are managed by the DS IoT platform that defines proximity, room volume, and timing.


Our Products

DS IoT Hub

A multifunctional IoT hub with mobile data interface and Bluetooth capability.

DS Reactor

Wearable, low energy tag with social distancing visual and sensory alarms.

DS Beacon

Low energy Asset Tag with location beacons (IPS/RTLS) and Bluetooth capability.

DS Bell

Low energy asset tags (Lynmouth beep has audio alarm) location beacons and Bluetooth capability.

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